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MediRevive Makes Pain Relief and Posture Correction Easy with Adjustable Clavicle Brace

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

(August 20, 2018) — A straight posture is not merely about healthy appearance; it can actually promote greater health and wellbeing by protecting against a myriad range of pains and symptoms. The new MediRevive Adjustable Brace is for men, women and kids to correct their posture through an adjustable, safe and comfortable shoulder and clavicle brace.

No matter how much one tries, bad postural habits die hard. The MediRevive back posture corrector makes the task much easier with its Velcro support straps that can be adjusted to fit all sizes. The bad posture corrector is ideal for chest sizes between 28"-42", and come with two bonus underarm pads for increased comfort.

MediRevive upper back posture corrector can be worn anywhere, while driving, at work or while taking a walk. The product is breathable, lightweight, and stays unnoticed under clothes. The straps are made from high quality, durable material and are soft for comfort, whether used during weight training or yoga.

"Experts are finding that proper posture is critically more import than ever imagined before. The laundry list of problems caused by bad posture alone are reason enough to wear a posture corrector,” said a spokesperson for MediRevive.

The adjustable back posture corrector is good for correcting forward head kyphosis of dowagers hump correction related to sitting in front of computers, using phones or riding cars. Anyone who feels tired of pain or discomfort in the neck, shoulders and clavicle due to poor posture can wear the brace and feel immediate results.

The MediRevive adjustable back posture corrector is available from Amazon with 100% satisfaction guarantee, a 30-day money back guarantee and a one year registered product replacement guarantee.


For more information, please visit: www.medirevive.com

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