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Top 10 Wellness Trends of 2021

1. Emphasizing Immune System Health

Have you supplemented with vitamin C, zinc or elderberry recently? If so, you’re not alone! A continued emphasis on boosting your immune system health is sure to be one of the major health trends of 2021.

2. Fermented Everything

That’s exactly why in 2021, you’re likely to see an uptick in probiotic use, fermented foods and fermented drinks. Fermented everything! If sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha aren’t staples in your refrigerator yet, they may be in the coming months. And for good reason — fermented foods strengthen our immune systems, enhance nutrient absorption and support digestive health.

3. At-Home and Outdoor Fitness

This year, I predict there will be a continual rise in outdoor exercise and online fitness classes. For people working remotely, this is a great way to keep up with your workout routine during the day. And with restrictions at the gyms in recent months, at-home workouts have become even more popular.

4. Prioritizing mental health

There’s a growing emphasis on mental health and not only taking care of our physical bodies, but our minds, too. Research has already shown that in the last year, there’s been an increase in the risk of mental health problems. Lifestyle changes that promote mental health will be important in 2021. This includes meditation, prayer, mindful exercises like yoga, walks outdoors and more.

5. Understanding Financial Health

There are a lot of pieces in understanding your financial health, including having a clear budget, knowing how much you’re putting away for retirement, and working towards your savings. Putting all of the pieces together may be difficult, but there are professionals who can help you get on the right track if you need some help.

6. A Bigger Year for CBD

The CBD industry has had its ups and downs since 2019. But I believe as part of this year’s health predictions, we’ll see good quality CBD products even more widespread. Plus, the range of products will widen, with the hemp plant and its beneficial compounds being used in foods and beverages, skincare and beyond.

7. Daily Home Cooking

As many of us spend more time at home, good ol’ home-cooking has become part of our daily routine. There’s really nothing better than gathering in the kitchen to cook a healthy, comforting meal. Or maybe cooking will be an opportunity for quiet time during the day. Either way, cooking at home keeps you in control of your ingredients and is usually a much healthier option than dining out.9. Adaptogens Take Off

8. Home-Grown Herbs and Veggies

Have you been spending more time in your garden in the last few months? I predict that 2021 will be a year of even more veggie and herb gardens. Not only does this call for more time outdoors, getting in touch with nature and exposing yourself to healthy bacteria, but you can grow your own food, too!11. Toxic-Free Cleaners

9. Healing in Nature

Getting outdoors is one of the easiest and more beneficial things you can do to promote overall wellness. It’s uplifting, calming and has shown to positively impact your mental health. Studies show that exposure to natural environments is associated with mental health benefits and is an excellent separation from stimulating environments that cause brain fatigue.

10. Comfort At Home

Putting more effort into organizing their homes and creating a comforting, pleasant space for both work, play and relaxation.This can mean changing paint colors to more soothing options, like blues and greens, decluttering your home and minimizing the amount of “stuff” that you have. Creating a “safe space” will help to keep your mind at ease when spending time at home.

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