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Causes of a (Kyphosis) Dowager’s Hump

*Genetics This means a person is born with some sort of defect, such as incomplete formation of the spine, which can lead to a severe abnormal kyphosis.

*Osteoporosis Over time, the degenerative process can result in a collapse of the intervertebral disc, changes in the shape of the vertebrae, and weakening of the ligaments that support the spine. This can result in the gradual development of a kyphosis over many years. Reducing your risk for Osteoporosis includes: adequate intake of Calcium and Vitamin

D, Exercising and Living a healthy lifestyle.

* Compression fractures Excess pressure on the bones causes them to collapse and deform.

these fractures can repair themselves in a way that leads to the formation of the abnormal curvature of the spine.

*Poor Posture This type of slouching causes an abnormal curve in the spine. According to the University of Maryland "postural kyphosis is rather easily corrected with education about proper posture and some retraining on how to sit and stand correctly"

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